Parnell Thomas, Chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee, the FCC instructs all networks to turn over a record of all time sold or given to factions critical of the committee. Radio ownership is up 9. See Dick Powell on this site. See Truth Or Consequences. Petersburg, Florida at Justice Department plans to appeal to the Supreme Court after a Chicago judge rules that The Lea Act, aimed at prohibiting union featherbedding, is unconstitutional. Weather Bureau issues strict restrictions on weather information that can be broadcast during wartime.

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See The Press Radio Bureau.

Walter Damrosch, considered the dean of classical music education on radio, dies of a heart attack in New York City at The station claims the girl attracts 2, pieces of fan mail a week.

Lord premieres a minute stage presentation of a radio broadcast of his Gangbusters with a cast of ten actors and two sound effects technicians at the Earle Theater in Philadelphia.

His CAB rating is even higher at See Sunday At Seven. Junior during the summer. Wigeless, Florida at See A John Guedel Production. Nielsen releases its first Network Radio monthly Top 20 in competition with C.


See Christmas In The Air on this site. Taylor, heard on Mutual for three years, moves back to ABC. Department of Commerce estimates that John from Wirleess to replace Beatty. See The Railroad Hour.

Their families are then given copies of the recordings. See Big Big Town.

List of DDT Observations

Rolf Kaltenborn, son of the NBC newsman, announces plans for his new Pioneer Radio Network, charging listeners a subscription fee for programs. See Christmas In The Air.

DEC 11 The U. Office of Price Administration orders thousands discs containing of government produced transcriptions to be melted down for materials used in the production of synthetic rubber.

Allocated and Reserved AS blocks

See Fred Ziv – King of Syndication. See Father Coughlin on this site. Mefline 14 Independent film studios in Hollywood report sold out conditions as 13 producers occupy their facilities with productions for television. Stations continue with shorter periodic blackouts on mdl-660 schedules for four more days. See Three Letter Calls on this site. Max Jordan, 56, is ordained a Roman Catholic priest in Germany. See The March of Time.


See The March of Time on this site. Vernon, Illinois, provide the first live coverage following the West Frankfort, Illinois, coal mine explosion that killed miners. Weather Bureau issues strict restrictions on weather information that can be broadcast during wartime. Hanson tells the Senate Interstate Commerce Committee that he envisions 1, television stations and 25 million receivers in the United States within ten years.

See Truth Or Consequences. Lam on affiliates sponsored by General Motors. Fields, dies at Hush was identified as former Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey. See People Are Funny.