Please enter your comment! If you are planning to use it in Windows instead, I don’t know if anyone here can help you or not. If I get a chance to idle the machine I will give it a shot. Can you flash an older HP firmware with the sas2flsh utility? With sasflash, I get the Product ID mismatch message.

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There’s no since using them in the SAS controller.

I’ve controlller attempting to flash the B1 revision of the firmware. The nice thing is that drivers are already included in most operating systems and I was pleasantly surprised that both OpenSolaris and FreeNAS 0.

LSI SAS e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas e Host Adapter Controller Card | eBay

Every other time, it says “The firmware flash image product Id is invalid. Everything seems to be for the E. As a result, higher-end hardware RAID features are absent from these controllers.

I run the first batch script from an lso command prompt and see that I do in fact have:. I just ran out of ports on my win7 MB.

It did not alter the cards name, the card has always been listed with sasflash as a I have searched HP sources for a newer firmware, but could only find older firmwares, not newers. Sign me up for the STH newsletter! Have you elder HP firmwares?


Device Manager shows for Hardware ID: Another way would be to disassemble the firmware file and see if you find the string that is checked for. No, no, no, I meant C1, as in after the T I did download the P21 and tried that first, but after running the original first batch script and seeing that I had the B1 revision of the chip it is onboard, and not a standaloneand seeing that P21 only included firmwares for B2 and B3 revisions of the chip, I thought it’d be a bad idea to try and force a different revision firmware for my chip.

I also found that info.

I’m 8-plrt trouble flashing the original back. But with the fw, it errored out with a message about CRC fail or something. Maybe try that one with the P21 firmware?

LSI SAS 3081e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas 1068e Host Adapter Controller Card

I came across this thread and thought wow, if I could just get that higher version, this SAS controller wouldn’t be cohtroller to me anymore. Sign In Sign Up.

Then it looks like it’s working, but says Invalid Operation. I have to check what options this sas2flsh utility brings to override things Thank you for the response. Just for a point of sa, the Adaptec is rated athours. Press any key to continue. Oftentimes they cut the feature list of the OEM cards via firmware. Where did you get the HP firmware from? I do need B1, not anything higher, because I have li B1 revision of the chip, correct?


Prev 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Next Page 57 of With regard to the error, there might be some sort of vendor check to prevent cross-flashing? It sucks too, because I believe the 1.

Intel SASUC8I and LSI SAS3081E-R LSI 1068e Based RAID Controller Review

What do you mean have I elder HP firmwares? Because of the angle brackets the dump of the boot logs was not displayed correctly, so here is the corrected one:. The LSI e is a very popular chip so it should be easy to search for similar issues. Once the controller 10688e on LSI you can flash the most recent firmware.