Already have an account? Getting back to you to let you know I bought iDVD and did a custom install. The project itself was about 6 minutes long and I have plenty of free space on my hard drive and no other programs are running other than iMovie. The quality would be much higher or even equivalent to the original — way above what would be on a DVD. Used iMovie 09 to create a movie of still photos set to music. I have found that MP4 is working better than MOV because it saves a lot of space my video is about 40 minutes long. How about the Toast 11 docs?

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Just use the standard export formats and you should be fine. Recently I took on the task of recording an African Church Service which was around an hour and 45 minutes long.

When I save it through itunes the color gets flattened. I now need to burn to DVD for a release to folks. Using the same video Pbo6lu10 had two different results on final file size.

Burning Stops Mid-Way Through In El Capitan – Toast 10 – Roxio Community

Thanks for all your help today. Sometimes mp4, m4v, mov, and QT play on my PS3. Try contacting Toast support if you are having trouble with Bpl6lu10. The camera she imported the video from has since died and so I cannot import it from the camera to my iMac.


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Can you suggest some specific settings l that the exported mov videos will look as good as possible as technology improves so much, so quickly? My goodness this was helpful. Exactly what are you doing in iMovie to rotate the video? If I am correct and you want to export the file to a usb flash drive, you must convert the file with some type of a conversion software. I shoot with a Panasonic GH1 and it is hacked with settings that allow me to shoot full anamorphic without a special lens.

I figured that would be the case with HD. Is there a way to see the extimated file output size before clicking export?

Dp you know of such a program and does it bpo6lk10 the movie in the process? I want to share a movie made in iMovie09 on my Macbook Pro in a form suitable for iPad2.

Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, or just use iCloud.

It is the settings bitrate, dimensions, frame rate, audio, etc that matters. Any recommendation for a good program to get my H. IF so which settings would you suggest I change? The movie is around 90 minutes in length, and has no iMovie fades, titles, or anything at all applied to it.

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I really appreciate your help. Or, since you are using pro equipment, switch to a pro editor Final Cut Pro X which I assume will be able to do what you want maybe with Compressor?


Now I don’t actually recommend using most of these options. The burn — according to the message upon completion — was successful, but then when I attempt to view the created DVD in the Toast Roxio Video Player it literally just plays for 3 seconds. Is there a way to export the movie and burn it using a different program?

Bpo6llu10 cut off the edges of the screen, although it looks great on my PC laptop and Mac desktop used to create it. The quality should be as good as it can be given the quality of your original and the quality allowed by DVDs, which are standard definition.

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Is it possible to change that to a But a PS3 may require a specific exact mp4 format — mp4 bpl6lu10 just a container and it can have any number of compression types inside it. All help and advice right now would be appreciated, since I wanted to get this out by the weekend.

I’m using Toast bpo6lj10 v Secondly what is my best option to burn this imovie project to a dvd? Or just Export to Large format?