The key shortcut is passed to the Powershell script. So I created a Powershell script to launch the videos, music, pictures and movies screens. For example, would be nice to go to the Music folder on the Windows MCE page when you punch music vis a vis into the music bit of iMedian. Alfonso – January 3, Each time you manually modifiy gen. There are a lot for soulutions at a lot of forums, but the only way is to write a little script to turn the receiver off and on using devcon. This button is usually green but can change on different Imon remote versions.

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Comfort Is Everything: Remote Controls for Windows XP

This button is usually green but can change on different Imon remote versions. Dave – October 30, Indeed, saving your Keymap Kmon options always alters the gen.

Hi all am new in here and my name,s Francisco and have reomte problem i want to fix with your help: Antonis – August 21, No more search most time. Hey Bruno, glad that it worked for you. What would you put this under? Dave – February 19, First I’ll try that one, as it may be the easiest.


Do you already have an account? Thanks in advance Steve.

About The Project The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

Alfonso – January 3, If your Kodi starts faster, change this value.

I already modifed the Marantz plugin, so I have full control via serial port over my receiver, and have some experimental webpage that shows receiver statusses and allows control. These are the same shorcuts that were set up in the Keymap Editor addon for Kodi. Try not to override the default Kodi keyboard shortcuts. Similar Threads – Windows Upgrade Remote. This is basically a tool that manages all the sound system of the application.

Thx men this is great but the coloured purple button for me it isnt realy nesacary but iam trying to find out how to get tv shows beneath a coloured button. I did this after which a reboot was necessarybut still no success; remkte also did not work before I did this. Regards, Divya R — Microsoft Support.

[solved] – Windows 10 Upgrade from 7 – Remote now wont work | MediaPortal HTPC

Only a few buttons work space, backspace, enter, esc, and the numbers Any advice on this? Originally Posted by saukriver No clue how to do this.


The Imon remote doesnt have this option from what I can see. All I did was upgrade to imoon 10 from And, yes, I have added the new mappings for the Kodi. But now i have another problem: Notes These files are works in progress.

I use the harmonyand my wife uses the remote that came with my antec case. It is a sound graph application for all the Windows operating system.

After editing the gen. It allows for better positioning as well PC is positioned that its left side faces me, so no good angle for the built in IR receiver so I too may just abandon the iMon thing and use that one. Originally Posted by saukriver This I cannot figure out how to do. Kodi is a better choice for a media center app, but making Kodi to work with the Imon Pad remote is much more complicated. You must log in or sign up to reply here.