Chapters Table Of Contents Error Message Description and necessary action Invalid system disk Replace the disk, and then press any key This message is displayed when the PC is switched on while a floppy disk other then a system disk is set in the floppy disk drive. The data may be lost, if Category 3 cable is used. Page 47 Replace the internal hard disk. This button can be used when the PC is on.

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G To institutional and corporate customers Personal computers must be disposed of as industrial waste. Fujitsu endeavours to ensure that the information in this document is correct, but accepts no liability. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Fujitsu DESKPOWER 5000 Series User Manual

It is important to check the current position with Fujitsu. Page 37 Fill out [Computer name], [Administrator password], and [Reenter password], and click [Next].

To ensure a total of megabytes of memory, replace the memory module in Fujitsy with a megabyte memory module. This unit may malfunction if the power source is interrupted suddenly, for example, due to lightning.


Inlet Connect the power code of the PC unit to this connector. Location with a large amount of humidity, dusts and oily smoke. Command entry keying in In this manual, a command entry is represented as follows: Any procedures described in this document for operating Fujitsu.

Operations are subject to the following. At the end of the war, they used the equipment they developed to rebuild telecommunications infrastructures that were devastated in Japan. Notes on Handling Follow the following guidelines to prevent faults when handling a CD.

Fujitsu Data Recovery | Platinum Data Recovery Company

This manual also for: See the manual accompanying the internal hard disk and make sure that the jumper switch has been set to master, or cable select.

Remove the slot cover. Point – Before switching on the PC, make sure that display is connected. If the error message is still displayed, the PC may be faulty.

Fujitsu user’s manual desktop pc deskpower p 56 pages. Fujitsu products should be read and understood by the operator before such products are used. Before installing or removing an expansion card, turn off the PC and desmpower devices connected to it, and unplug them.


Attach the upper cover. Install the expansion card mounting bracket.

Connect the flat cable. Don’t have an account? Put the supplied nylon band through the USB fixture slit to tie up the cable.

Fujitsu Data Recovery

Floppy Disk A floppy disk is a storage medium used to save programs and other information. Internal Devices Configurations Setting This submenu is used deskopwer set up built-in devices. Floppy disk eject button Press this button to eject a floppy disk.

Wipe deskpowet inside of the mouse, roller, and the bottom cover with a damp cloth. Location of Installation Avoid the following conditions when installing your PC.

Fujitsu DESKPOWER Series Manuals

As shown in the figure, hold the center of the tray. The tray goes into the computer, and sets the CD. Location with poor ventilation. The power is turned off automatically.