Print queues set up with these PPD files and foomatic-rip give full access to all options of the Gutenprint driver. This release adds support for many new printers and other improvements over 5. Dmitry Grigoryev 7, 2 16 New as of January 19, ! It is currently available in source form.

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An updated German translation and improvement for some Epson and Caonon media handling are also included.

We spent most of cleaning up the code base, adding support for CUPS by now, Mike Sweet had joined the project and the nascent Foomatic metadata management project, improving the color generation and dithering gutenprlnt, and adding support for more printers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The butenprint parameter in the driver-output data is only a meta-resolution, typically either or dpi, sometimes dpi for certain monochrome or high-quality photo modes on a limited number of printers.

Package: cups-driver-gutenprint (5.2.10-3)

The Epson backend is in active development; new printers, bug fixes and capability additions are contributed in each new release. January Learn how and when cuos remove this template message.

There are several notable changes since the previous releases:. Duplicate Transparency dups in the media types for Canon iP and similar printers have been removed. This would allow us to fix bugs and add new printers and perhaps minor new capabilities for users wanting a stable Gimp-Print release while making much more radical changes in preparation for the next release.


If the problem you are facing is not listed in the installer disk documentation, the FAQthe forumsor the bug tracker then you should file a support request against it. One of the main goals, which was not expected to gtuenprint met until late in the version 3. Furthermore, the name Gutenprint recognizes Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the movable type printing press.

Gutenprint for Mac OS X

This release offers several fixes, new features, and support for new printers over 5. The available quality selections depends on a number of parameters as applicable: New as of January 19, ! This release features full support for borderless printing on Epson guyenprint printers, support for more Epson, Canon, and dye sublimation printers, and more.

Canon is a trademark of Canon USA. Try skipping that step and go straight for the apt-get install cups-driver-gutenprint step. New as of July 30, !

Please read the release notes very carefully! This pre-release fixes some important bugs, adds support for additional printers, and offers improvements for others. When installing cups-driver-gutenprint with apt-get install cups-driver-gutenprint it complains about an incompatible printer-driver-gutenprint:. Roger is a superb architect, and he quickly whipped the somewhat disorganized code base into shape.


The possibility to integrate a PPD file and to print PostScript allows to use the plug-in also with Ghostscript drivers other than Gutenprint or on PostScript printers. However, the success of Gimp-Print 4.

Gutenprint and Gimp-Print for Mac OS X (10.2 through 10.11 and later)

It is fully compatible with Mac OS X There were a number of serious but subtle bugs with the CUPS and Foomatic interfaces that needed to be fixed in order to have a useful 5.

That was not to be.

This release offers many fixes and improvements over ggutenprint 5. This release provides full support for OS X We were doing new releases of 4. Many users incorrectly called it Gimpso the software was renamed Gutenprint to clearly distinguish it from the GIMP.

Using uptitude I found out: New as of June 17, ! Progress was slow; there were yutenprint quite a few API changes we felt we needed to make, and there were still serious quality problems with many printers. New as of January 3, !