Yes, my did not work properly with the computer I originally intended to use it with. Do you know there’s a new update for the Firestudio Project driver? Since this guess-o-matic does not always yield correct results, you can measure the actual round trip latency for audio using a loopback cable and adjust the sliders in the “Latency compensation” section of the ASIO4ALL v2 control panel accordingly. We were on tour playing Chicago, Millwaukee, University of Wisconsin, etc. There was a great cheese store accross the street from our hotel big surprise.

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Firestudio Project Universal Control and ASIO4ALL Buffer Sizes With Pro Tools 10

I just wish the people at Avid had spent more time on making sure that all interfaces could work with no problems with the software, instead of just putting it out. However, just this evening, Prresonus was unable to get any sound from my presonus at all. I have had the same problems. Do u know if they’ve had any issues with recording or loading pro tools while using it?

This message was edited 2 times. I DO have computer sounds through my speakers I’ve tried downgrading to Pro Tools 9, but this is still happening.

I never had aaio need to. Asio4all should see the Firestudio now with no issues BUT if you want to adjust the settings, close the DAW and then launch Asio4all and make your changes.


Cant connect to Presonus FIRESTUDIO ASIO Driver –

There was a great cheese store accross the street from our hotel big surprise. Ok, yes I whined about it a bit. I just had my friend to have a mess around with it, and it seems that when Pro Tools gives you the error message “ASIO device properties have been changed by the device control panel.

Have you tried it yet? Do you know there’s a new update for the Firestudio Project driver?

And what is the name of the huge music store right near Kenosha? House of Worship Where y’at? I have a horrible clicking almost like a metronome and my first set of LEDS are lighting up like im getting a click signal with nothing plugged in. Studio One Pro 2 2. I cant even get imported audio to play with out being totally crackly. I have a new computer–same Firestudio Mobile that has worked fine for years So what did I do? If you use Asio4all, make sure the Universal Control is not running in the tray if on Windows If it is running, right presonhs and asik exit.

Also if you run that and it gets you nowhere meaning the OHCI tool recognizes the firewire connection and has not problems with it Check the IRQ’s and see if there is something else on the buss Thanks in advance, Chris I have 2 clients using it with Pro Tools 9.


I don’t think I was ever able to change it in the UC. I live peesonus Kenosha. Let me know if I can provide anything else.

OHCI tool and Latency mon: Universal Control seems not to have installed fully. Would pay for someone to send me some Fritzies. Btw i see u live in Illinois I have no option to select ASIO drivers. They have presohus old driver up there too. Now, windows is not recognizing any speakers being prwsonus in unless its actually plugged into firewtudio computer when before it would just be plugged into the firestudio I can pull up projects just fine, and they seem to play the tracks on the left are recognizing the sounds but I am getting no sound now, maybe something deep in the settings or universal controller got messed up?

Please restart Pro Tools”. Has anyone else had this issue? So even closer to Kenosha.