It does not creak when opened, but wobbles very slightly. It is nice and bright, evenly lit and produces a nice sharp picture. They confirmed the fault and I was given a replacement laptop from Laptops Direct a few days later. I paid for the laptop. I remove the battery when running on mains constantly to prevent damage to it. There were no dead pixels on the screen and there is no light leakage.

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I do not have any major complaints with the laptop. I am not a hardcore gamer and just like to play a few hours a week.

I tested the start of the first stage of the game, and the frame rate ranges from 20fps to 80fps, but average is fps. The only minor issue is that there is no little LED light above the screen like ThinkPads for working in darker conditions.

wlan on fujitsu siemens amillo A

Fujitsu Siemens laptops have good specifications for good prices. It is not as heavy as some DTRs and surprisingly thin, so can easily be put into a bag and carried around for a bit. The AMILO M and AMILO M are slim-line and easy to carry with a long battery life, making them ideal for users, such as frequent travelers, who need the flexibility to move around without requiring power supplies.

The keyboard is nice and solid, with good depth and spacing and adequately sized keys. This enables users to experience much more freedom, flexibility and enjoyment from mobile computing.


Right side of laptop view larger image. The AMILO M offers options to users, who do not require the same level of graphical intensity and power but want longer battery life. But then I saw the Amilo A with a more powerful processor and graphics card but 20GB less hard drive space and decided to get it. But, it is designed to stay on a desk most of the time.

You do not get any reflections of light on it either. The buttons are good and there is an additional scroll rocker between the left and right buttons. I contacted Fujitsu Siemens, who collected the laptop the next day to inspect.

Using SuperPi to calculate the processor performance, it can work out 1 million digits in 45 secs, and 2 million digits in 1min 45 sec. The system does slow down at times when there are many processes running but comes up to speed after a few seconds.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers AMILO A7640 Datasheet

It slots into the right side of the notebook. The average transfer rate is I attempted to run at high detail, but it took a long time doing something then warned that I was running low on memory. It is the same aspect ratio as the screen, which is good. The keyboard is black with white letters, which do get dirty after a bit of use. The extra wide screen Great value Wrieless solid build quality Fast processor 5.


When it is on battery, the processor throttles down from MHz to MHz and the screen dims slightly. With a few simple upgrades of RAM and hard drive, it would be perfect and last me a good few years especially with the 64 bit processor. With options for 64 bit and 32 bit models, that have up to MB of shared memory, the AMILO A is a powerful machine for those, who want mobility at affordable prices. It is nice and bright, evenly lit and produces a nice sharp picture.

Like most laptop speakers, they are quiet and have no bass.

Fujitsu Amilo-A7640 Laptop Parts

Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A view larger image. There is also a disk with drivers for graphics card, wireless, sound etc. The service was excellent and fast from the manufacturer and retailer. I remove the battery when running on mains constantly to prevent damage to it.

I purchased it from Laptops Direct and it was delivered in 4 days. The design is fairly wirelfss, grey main structure with silver edging and a black base.